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    We offer auditing, scrubbing, and conversion services, workflow and process analysis, querying tools and advanced data extraction techniques. more
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    We have video tutorials for each function on TheDataWand. We also have video tutorials on our top twenty one built-in Excel functions. more
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    The Data Wand

    ... is an Excel add-in that helps extract, manipulate, and analyze data. Find why one user wrote "Your tools are fast, effective, and widely used". more

Featured Case Studies & Solutions

  • We’re All Data Manipulators…

    “When we think about it we’re all just manipulating data. We need to learn how to do it more effectively and more efficiently”   VP Accounting Read more »

  • Keep it Data

    Everyone’s heard of the KISS principle. Introducing the KID principle. How many times have you heard someone say “I need a Report”? If you’re like me the answer is way too often.

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