Spend your morning relaxing, not gathering data.

Ever wonder why some folks get into the office at the crack of dawn?

Sometimes it’s because they have something¬† important that has to be sent to their customers each and every morning, and it takes them a bit of time to prepare whatever that “something” is.

Back in 2003 I helped a Gas Scheduler with her “something”.¬† This simple four-tab workbook combines SQL with VBA to produce an end result saving her an hour each morning.

The power of being able to extract data directly into your workbook cannot be over emphasized. It is the basis for nearly all my Excel automation.  If the data is the seed then VBA is the water and sunlight. Using the two in concert we have built some awesome homegrown solutions.

In this example a SQL statement is used to extract data from a Sybase database. It posts that data to the “Data” tab where more VBA takes over to write SUMIF functions on the “Baseload” tab. Finally, fixed formulas are waiting on the “Morning Report” tab to provide the user with a daily look at their volumes.

Get The Data Wizard involved with your project and maybe tomorrow you can relax too.

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