Function 02)

Add Function APPLYROUNDING to active workbook

This function systematically allocates rounding errors to specific rows. While this was developed for use on Tract Participation calculations it could also be used for a single set of calculations that should add to a certain value.

For instance, if a group of calculated rows should add to 100%, such as the case with division order decks, then this function could be used to allocate any rounding error back to individual rows. The allocation is based first on each row’s rounding error in relation to other rows within the same group. Any “ties” are decided by considering the row’s original decimal, and finally the row’s relative position to the other rows.

The function takes 6 arguments:

=ApplyRounding ( GroupRange , GroupItem , GroupRoundingError ,  ItemRoundingError ,  ItemOriginalDecimal ,   DecimalsRoundTo )


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