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Queries (obtaining data from just about any data source)

The “Queries” section is what spawned the creation of The Data Wand. Once I was able to easily obtain large amounts of data it was only natural to create routines to help manipulate and analyze that data. This 4-minute video demonstrates how quickly one can extract data and shows how having data “available” can drive a variety of tasks.       View all “Queries” tutorials

Find (build a unique list, find duplicates, get a file listing, and much more)

The “Find” section contains a bit of a mix, generally dedicated to helping you find things like 1) getting a unique list of values from a list that contains multiple occurrences 2) duplicate items 3) all the files and file properties under a particular directory 4)  items that have exact offsets…..and more.    View all “Find” tutorials

Alter (tools to help you change your data)

The “Alter” section helps you change the data …  insert a row on change, remove empty rows, copy while skipping blanks lines, fill in the blanks, and sort based on color are examples of the 21 routines found here.      View all “Alter” tutorials

Sum (aggregate your data)

Quickly “Sum” your data based on the criteria you choose. There is no need to first “Sort” your data. See how to easily create a cross-tab report.     View all “Sum” tutorials

Functions (ten handy user-defined functions to add to your workbook)

These “Functions” can be added to your workbook allowing you to do things like 1) get a sub-total based on cell color 2) reverse the order of your text 3) do a LEFT vlookup 4) verify that several cells equal each other. View all “Functions” tutorials

Sound (add a little fun to your day)

“Sounds” that play each time you use one of The Data Wand features can lessen the stress and help keep you entertained. But beware because they could also irritate your co-worker. I typically have it play snippets from Looney Tunes. My other favorite is sounds from movies and television. Load your own WAV files and you too can make the day a little more exciting. View all “Sounds” tutorials

Misc (a few items that don’t fit well in the other categories)

“Miscellaneous” describes 7 features that either don’t fit well in the other categories or that are used so often I did not want them under a menu. Look for up to 25 offsetting balances, set calculation mode to automatic before saving, and paste special value are the ones I use most. View all “Miscellaneous” tutorials

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