The Wizard’s Mission

At The Data Wizard, our goal is to provide end users with “outside-the-box” solutions for extracting and using data.

Our techniques challenge the traditional methods for accomplishing a task. Whether it is an ad-hoc report for management, a weekly calculation of taxes due to the state, or a monthly filing with the government, most users could create their end result faster and more accurately.  At The Data Wizard we overcome two basic flaws found in most user groups. Those flaws relate to gathering data and using data.

Gathering Data

In all business environments, we recognize a need for data. Generally users make an appointment with an IT representative to discuss a new report. This report becomes one of several sources for accomplishing a task. Several weeks later, the programmer presents the report, it is tested, and approved. Finally, it is placed into production.

Three undesirable consequences occur with this approach:1) data has been reduced to a printed sheet…2) yet another “report” clouds the list of reports already available. 3) time has been wasted and projects are possibly delayed.

Using Data

Most end users do not have the data usage skills that would allow them to save hundreds of hours each year. There is a misconception that using a spreadsheet for a data container is “automating” the process.

The Gap

Some companies have business analysts that presumably help fill the gap between IT and user groups. Often there will be a few individuals within the user groups who have become “super users”. They also help fill the gap.

A very real problem faces most companies of any size. The user groups need more automated ways to accomplish their ever-increasing task load. The IT department is burdened with more global issues, typically not available to spend time on an issue that helps just one person.

The de facto Environment

The spreadsheet is the environment of choice for just about everything that cannot be accomplished in the main ERP. A recent study indicated that on average, in a company employing more than 20 office employees, there existed over 2,700 spreadsheets per employee. But IT departments simply cannot budget for the support of spreadsheet applications. At the same time directors of user groups cannot ignore the value of spreadsheets. Additionally, neither the users nor IT have the skills necessary to use spreadsheets efficiently.

We Fill the Gap

We know spreadsheets. More specifically, we know Excel. But if our expertise was just with Excel we could not provide our clients with a total solution. We also know data. We know how to find it, how to gain access to it, how to interpret it, and how to manipulate it. We combine our data skills with our spreadsheet expertise to provide you with solutions you probably never thought possible.


Read our testimonials page to see what people are saying about the solutions we have provided for them.

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