Data Wand Help


Assists you with extracting data from your favorite database, whether it be Oracle, MySQL, Access, or even from your own Excel workbook.

Watch these videos to learn how The Data Wand can make information more accessible than you ever thought possible.


These videos show you how to create ‘lists’ from selected values. These lists are copied to the clipboard awaiting your use.


These videos show you how to create a unique list, find duplicates within your rows,  see connection strings, and even build an amortization schedule. It’s a hodgepodge of things for which you may be looking.


Sort by Color, insert rows on change, and 11 other tools help you quickly convert your data to something more usable. Watch these videos to find out how The Data Wand can help.


Trim trailing blanks, remove all objects, remove all hyperlinks, and 14 other tools help you quickly clean your data.


See how quickly you can aggregate data. Sum data without sorting, and see the “grid” approach or cross column totaling feature. You may never use Excel’s Subtotal feature again.


Some user-defined functions have been so useful I decided to make them available to add to any active workbook. Learn how to add these functions  to your active workbook.


A few settings to tell TheDataWand how to behave.


Everything Else.