Sum 03)

Sum Data Based on Your Criteria – Adds Sub Totals to Active Page

This function allows you to select criteria and summation columns and it adds SubTotals to the page, adding up the values in the summation columns based on the criteria columns.

Sorting:  Since this function will add totals to the page itself, it usually makes sense to sort the data at least off of the same columns as you will be using for the criteria columns.

To Use:

Using the  header row click a single cell representing  your first criteria column, then holding the ctrl-key select other criteria cells in that same header row. Still holding the ctrl-key, and using a different row, select single cells representing the columns you wish to sum.

Now let up on the ctrl-key and navigate to this option which is found under the SUM menu item on The Data Wand toolbar.


You may not have a header row which identifies the data below. In this case you’ll still use a higher row to select your criteria columns and a lower row to select your summation columns. When you are prompted “Did you start with a header row” answer “No” to let the routine know it should treat that row as data.


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