Services – We Can Help

Data Auditing, Scrubbing, and Conversion

We use fast and accurate methods to clean your data.

I have developed a multitude of techniques to spot potentially bad data. I have worked with so many data sets  that coming up with scrubbing techniques has become intuitive. My talents are a gift that have been well developed over the years.

If you have data that needs scrubbing, audited, or massaged for porting to another system, then let’s talk.  I know I can help.      Contact us now!

Workflow & Process Analysis and Enhancement

We study how you use data, from gathering, to manipulation, to the final product.

Hundreds of users have benefited from our automation techniques. We study how you use your data. We look at your data sources and at how you gather your data.  We follow that data through your current process, looking for ways to streamline and make it more accurate.  Over the years we have transformed hundreds of processes, saving the users and their companies thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars.       Contact us now!

Querying Tools and Advanced Data Extraction Techniques

We make data available to Excel, from within Excel.

We combine the ability to extract data from a SQL-compliant database with our product, The Data Wand, to create awesome processes which save you hundreds of hours.  We can create a custom query tool designed for your specific system.        Contact us now!